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T.W.A = Twins with Attitude

But what does it actually stands for? T.W.A is derived from the name of an American Hip-Hop-Crew from Compton, Los Angeles - N.W.A (Niggaz with Attitude). For Hip Hop lovers it should be well known. Our Company was founded in 2008 and is based in Germany/Europe. T.W.A Entertainment stands for realness, professionalism, exclusiveness, efficiency and a cosmopolitan international life-style, simply for something special with it's own flow. We work according to our own principles, with us humanity and fairness are very important even if the business is paramount! Meanwhile the name T.W.A Entertainment is also represented on the market in the US, and lot of artists, as well as agencies and promoters do know about us or heard about that ''name in the game'' already. Whoever has once worked with T.W.A ENT, does not want to miss this positive experience ever again.

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